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formidable form get input value from other field of same page

By: Maeen Uddin | Asked: 17/10/2021
ForumsCategory: General questionsformidable form get input value from other field of same page
Maeen Uddin asked 3 months ago

In formidable forms. How i can set one input field value to the other field in a same page. Lets assume that i want to copy the id "sfryw" field to another field in same page so i wrote in the default value section of other field. But here the value is coming from the previous submit . It's not comig from the current real time . It will be helpful for  me if anybody can tell me how can it be done .

1 Answers
FDM Digital Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Maeen,

If you want to use the value from one field in another field in the same form you can just put the field ID shortcode (e.g. [123]) in as the default value.

There's more about it here: https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/field-calculations/#kb-text-calculations

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